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The doghouses look so cool and anomalous that people actually ask for information about environmentally friendly practices that are featured. I’m also hoping to descend upon the White House in January with a green home for the First Dog. The new administration’s calls for change places the responsibility upon gearheads, scientists, and inventors alike to change our policies on energy and environment.

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If the Big three cannot agree to make only cars that are fuel efficient enough to get at least 50 MPG by 2011, 75 MPG by 2013 and 100 MPG by 2015, then they should go into bankruptcy and fend for themselves like all the other businesses that are having trouble. I’m counting on you to inspire Obama to convert his shiny new Caddy into a SCEV. Some old guy wrote a song about vampires sucking blood from the earth when I was 6 yrs old. I really hope the new US President takes heed now 35 years later and holds his inaugral promise of not propagating oil rich greed, and of building new economy around Linc Volt kind of innovation towards industrial change. One of the many great things Linc Volt has going for it is the coolness factor—I imagine that many people are drawn to it by its gorgeousness and thus receptive to learning about its features. I have experienced this kind of openness to education through the eco-friendly greenroof doghouses I make.

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