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The User is a true beneficiary of the funds stored in the User’s bank Account and the funds involved in the Investment are of legal origin and are not acquired as the result of a criminal offence, either directly or indirectly, or related to financing of terrorism or an attempt of such activities. The User shall register with the Investment platform, by completing the Registration Form and confirming present Terms and Conditions.

After the User registration and confirmation from Viainvest side the User's Account is automatically created on the Investment Platform.

All expenses related to the currency exchange shall be covered by the Investor. The User shall be entitled to add funds to the Investor’s Account only on its own name, by transfer of the funds from the User's Bank Account to Viainvest Bank Account. When transferring the funds to the Investor’s Account, the User in every case is obliged to indicate its Investor’s Account Number as the purpose of payment assigned to the Investor during the registration process with the Investment Platform.

If the User makes a payment without indicating the Investor’s Account Number, then Viainvest may consider such payment as non-executed until it is identified. After receiving the funds, Viainvest shall process them and verify their origin, which may take up to two (2) Business days. Viainvest is entitled to use the User's deposited funds only with the purpose pursuant to the provisions of the Agreement and the Assignment Agreement. The funds transferred by the User to Viainvest Bank Account should be separated from Viainvest property until they are paid to the User.

Mutually reached consensus between the Parties on use of Investment Platform according to these Regulations of the Investment Platform.

User ensures that first payment into Viainvest’s Bank Account is made from User’s bank account opened with the credit institution registered in the country to which the requirements arising from European Union legislation for the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing apply; 3.1.3.This Agreement between Viainvest and the User shall be deemed entered into and it shall become effective at the time when Viainvest has generated the Agreement and the User has confirmed the present Terms and Conditions as well as Viainvest has identified the User according to Paragraph 3.1.At any time the User can examine the concluded Agreement and all concluded Assignment Agreements in the User’s Account. The Registration Form completed in compliance with procedures established in the Terms and Conditions and depositing funds in the Viainvest’s Bank Account confirms that the User wishes to use the Investment platform and receive the services offered pursuant to this Agreement. When registering and logging into the Investor’s Account on the Investment Platform, the User must enter the User's e-mail address and password created at the moment of registration. The User's activities performed within the Investment Platform after entering the User's e-mail address and password shall be regarded as the User's signature or acceptance.obtains the acknowledgment from credit institution or financial institution registered in another country, which apply requirements arising from European Union legislation for the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing, on the fact that the customer has a business relationship with the credit institution or financial institution and the credit or financial institution has made the identification of the User in person; 3.1.4.In order to identify the User adequately, Viainvest may, at its sole discretion, at any time request to the User to submit documents or information confirming the User's identity and unilaterally determine any additional requirements for the User’s identification; 3.2.

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