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Also checkout: Download Greenpois0n [All Versions]Jailbreak i Pad 2Jailbreak Me 3.0 to Jailbreak i OS 4.3 Untethered!

To perform initial activation/setup on your 3G smartphone or basic phone, view this info.

I know the Sprint phone has to be unlocked before I can use anywhere. If you're having other issues with your device, visit our Troubleshooting Assistant. I have successfully paired my LG Revere 3 Verizon phone with my i Phone 4.

However, after clicking OK to the Pair operation, the i Phone displays LG VN170 as the paired device and "Not Connected" as status.

This may help if you're having trouble sending a picture/text message.

I am going on a cruise to the Bahamas in early January and need to be able to make phone calls/texts to/from the states for two days during the trip (Friday & Monday) on my i Phone 4.

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If you can't remember your Gmail user name/password or your account has been locked, this info will help you.

This helps if you're receiving invalid Gmail user name/password errors or your account has been locked.

To permanently block text message spam sent from email addresses, email domains and/or text nicknames, view this info.

Once done, Greenpois0n will show the Complete button and there’ll be a flood of commands running on your i Phone screen :).

You’ve jailbroken your i Phone 4 or 3GS on i OS 4.2.1.

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