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Lord Eth-Gradon did not look up as Damon stepped into the room. The light from the candles reflected off the ring he wore, but his official circlet teetered on a stack of papers. As usual, his gaze moved up to the portrait that hung on the wall. There is an exception to any rule, and one very rainy day I was lucky enough to witness it: a rain-drenched cat, dark slate grey fur cleaved in spiky, dripping clumps, waiting outside my neighbor’s house. Pulling it over to the table, Damon sat and watched his father break another seal.

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Sin meandered through the market, soaking up the atmosphere. Then out of the water comes a dark, fanged muzzle and it bites my face and rips off some of my eyebrow. He hated being stuck in the control room staring at numbers on a computer screen for an entire shift.

The world quietened, drowned out by his quickened pulse. Only bloody sockets remained, the blood, darkened with time, running down his sides. , was all I could think as I stood – horrified – before his dangling corpse. His body fell, a heavy thud on the carpet of leaves soaked with his blood.

Time slowed; something Phileas Pines would have told him was impossible. The low-hanging sun painted the land in the last swathe of rose-coloured light. I was too heartbroken to believe that the butchered figure in front of me was really Orfiel. After Yusuf was sentenced, Imran felt numb as events reeled in his mind, slotting into gaps. Anger at his ignorance and at his complacency over his pious and studious son. He barely left the house, sustaining himself on tea and an occasional biscuit. He had travelled the road to teaching reluctantly, but once there, he was happy.

The Suojeluskuntas (Finnish Civil Guard) also sent a wreath tied with blue-white ribbons to South Africa, where it was laid at the monument on the battlefield of Magersfontein.

(the Battle of Magersfontein was the second of the three battles fought over the “Black Week” of the Second Boer War.

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