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Your requests become that much more powerful when others are praying for you as well. And for the speech defect of my 3rd grade daughter Khriela to be healed immediately. We always remain at your mercy and under your command. Ronald 1/9/18: Please pray for healing for my nephew Terrance, who was in a horrible work related accident. Lesia1/9/18: Please pray for urgent healing for Betty J. Such great ladies but doing poorly; please; urgent healing needed; please pray. Pray that we may attend Holy Mass together again soon. Albert F.1/8/18: Please pray for me that I will not fail to trust in God at all times, and surrender myself entirely to His mercy and Will. Steafan1/8/18: Please pray for my aunt Jeanne to cured their illness and other health problems; and for my uncle Ruben to have a full recovery to his cancer. No matter how hard I pray nothing seems to be working. I have been waiting for reconciliation and peace for me and him. If You deign, please God, soften and touch Damianus’ heart for me, He means a lot to me. If You do not want this reconciliation to happen, please give me strength to overcome the bitterness. That God will soften her heart toward me and put a new love in her for me. Barbara1/8/18: Financial breakthrough; please, Lord Jesus, I need thee every hour. I am a navy veteran and this is how the USA repays my family. They need a smaller home to manage better and work less to maintain. Jude, I pray that my daughter Monica finds a new job. That Leland doesn’t get into trouble with the law stays safe, and finds a good paying job with benefits. Michelle1/5/18: Dear Lord, please help us to get our loan request approved. Michelle1/5/18: For peace and religious unity in the world. Austin1/5/18: I beg for anxiety-free peace of mind, please intercede and pray for me. Please pray for my baby in the womb to be saved from the trap of Satan. Dear Lord, I pray for more togetherness and empathy in 2018. Wendy1/4/18: Please pray for a precious 5 month old baby girl who is fighting for her life due to major heart problems. Heal her and give her beautiful family strength.1/4/18: Pray for reconciliation of our Marriage. He went into cardiac arrest, and they could not revive him. I pray that she is given strength and courage at this time of grieving. That's causing problems in our personal relationship. Help me to support him and bless him to take a stand for our life and courage. Pray that I will stand strong in faith in the midst of family and marriage breakdown, as well as unemployment. Please pray that God immediately remove the same sex attraction from her mind, heart, body and soul, and returns her to me. He told me over the phone that he misses me and wants to come home but something keeps him from coming. Gaironiesa1/3/18: I'm waiting for and needing a job. Jesu1/3/18: Please pray for spiritual and emotional healing for my daughter Anne. She recently ran away from home and is grave danger.

Also, it is a truly divine form of charity to pray for others, especially for those most in need! Please help us as we are in deep, deep, deep financial need. Please take good care of our loved ones, plus the ones in Heaven I so miss: my son, I don't understand why he was only here until he was 25 years old; then my brother 52 years old, the next day. And that no one else will wreck my family; and that Cristina A. Please pray for Ken H., Cheryl, Carolyn, Terry, Janet, Ed, Gerrie, Alexis, Nancy, Tammy, Roy and Roy's mom. Lisa1/9/18: Please pray that I am allowed to keep my job that I love. Jude, please make me healthy; and whatever is going on with me stop today. For the conversion and healing of my entire family and our hearts, and for all the requests on this page. Lorena T.1/8/18: For my elderly dog's arthritis to be healed. I have been struggling with depression and suffering for the past 3 years. You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner. Teach me how to remain grateful when hardness strikes. Also pray that communication be restored between us and we can talk peacefully. Lamar/Kassie P.1/8/18: Please pray for my fiancé and our relationship, but mostly him and his loved ones, because my lies about being pregnant and then miscarrying will totally destroy him and completely break him. In her whole career she has never had bad evaluations for her performance. I pray that her supervisor appreciates how hard she works to please her. Carolyn1/6/18: My husband Joe is with another woman. That my daycare prospers full to capacity and that I am blessed with prosperity. To enlighten and guide all the leaders of our world, nation and community. Mohan1/5/18: Please, please pray for the protection of my husband Vinod from all legal problems, court cases, and arrest. She is very caring and loving to me and others and I want that for her too. May I walk close with the Lord in this moment of difficulties, and for Him to show me a direction in life. He wants a meeting with my family because he wants a divorce. Please help me to pray for God to break these peoples’ evil plots and plans, to break all the evil chains they have over my husband. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide her thinking, so that her relationship with the Lord will be her priority in life. I’m struggling with fatigue and financial problems. I have been very ill over Christmas and New Year's and I am struggling with the pain and slow recovery. I ask that the Lord cover her with His Precious Blood and protect her from her surroundings. Cristina1/3/18: I am asking for prayer for my son Ruben who suffered from a drug addiction.

They said they wanted to come back to the Catholic Church but are making no effort to do so. Please bind my husband's anger, irrationality, and lies, in the name of Jesus Christ; and urgently restore calm and peace back into my and my children’s life. Pray my husband will be fully committed to to me and our family. Bless him physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Jason1/2/18: My mother is bedridden and suffering from Alzheimer's.

Too many people are telling them to go to different churches. Allow all the fighting around us to be settled quickly, maturely, and amicably. Fellow prayer warriors, please pray for my mother's health, that she may regain her health back and enjoy time with family again. She's pregnant for the second time and the ultrasound showed a sac attached to the uterus but no embryo.

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And, as a popular saying goes “God cannot be outdone in generosity! Please forgive me of my sins and forgive her of her sins. He's depressed and having a hard time taking care of himself. Joe O'Brien will be very happy living in retirement in Ireland, that his general health will improve. Please pray that the medication will work very well in controlling the Dementia, please God. John from Ireland.1/12/18: Please pray for my friend so that she will find peace, direct her in the right direction about her job she was treated very unfair and financially help her. And at the same time I would like to know if there's anyone I can pray for it too. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer 2 years ago and today I am cancer free from it but know my doctor told me I might have lung cancer. I just want him to know God and his love the way I do, but now I may have destroyed this for him. If not, please give her a new job that will make her happy. Please keep Vinod in your daily prayers for protection and long and happy life. Cheryl1/4/18: Please Lord, ease my mental illness and give my sisters and their loved ones comfort and faith in my well being, as well as Carlos, his family, and the Bridge agency. I ask they she may have a true conversion and come back to the faith. He has tried hard to let go and continues to lose control.

” “Pray for one another, that you may be healed” (James ) Please pray for the peaceful repose of the soul of my father William who passed away on November 26th, 2015. Also, pray for the peaceful repose of the soul of his brother-in-law Larry, who passed away on May 31st, 2017, after a long bout with dementia and Parkinson's Disease. Christopher Castagnolifor Dear God, please bless Ren and bless me. Lisa1/12/18: Please pray for me because I lost my job about 2 months ago. Please ask Jesus to find a job for me and support me in my troubles. I have been through so much these last past 4 years and I really need prayers for health and finances please. I haven't given a good example and I just ask for prayer for him to be okay. And please God, grant me your forgiveness for my trespasses as I forgive those who have trespassed against me; and grant me Christ's peace, protection, and merciful love. is addicted to porn sites and she took nude photos and send to her friends. When he does, he ends up in the streets lost, dirty, and hungry.

She decided to return for the spring semester but has high anxiety because her roommates are bullying her and causing her to feel this way. I’m barley able to function and have serious anxiety myself because she feels so much pain and hurt. Please pray for love and light for them now, and for protection for them from all negative energy being projected towards them now. Prayers for the deceased of our families and for the poor and needy and suffering, and for our country and the leadership. Rennie1/11/18: Please pray for my dad Alfred who had open heart surgery as was doing well. Sheila1/11/18: Please pray for my father has he undergoes a prostatectomy on Friday. Sadie1/11/18: Dear Lord God, please help me and my two kids. Pray for peace, joy, unity, love and understanding among my parents. Let her open up and tell me what happened to our friendship. May the Lord grant me success and open more doors of job opportunities in my search. No one will comfort me in this time of loss and depression. The doctor said they can give him a try on a palliative chemotherapy treatment. Pray he moves from the detox facility into a rehab/sober living program.

Would you like us to pray for you or your loved ones? Please send her prayers for strength, and for her to find friends and happiness so that she can complete her sophomore year peacefully. Please pray the path be cleared for them now to unite in Holy matrimony. Pam 1/11/18: Please pray to Saint Dymphna on my behalf, that I will overcome anxiety/depression. Jim1/11/18: Guide my daughter and her boyfriend in a very difficult relationship. He is now in critical condition due to a collapsed lung. Robin1/11/18: My cousin is still alive, thank you Lord. My husband left us six months ago to be with another lady. Maybleen1/11/18: Please madam/sir, pray for me, Madhavi from Malaysia. I believe that nothing is impossible for God but my faith wavers in the moments of sadness. We ask these intentions through our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen! I suffer depression and anxiety and sometimes I am scared to leave my apartment building (or scared to come home). My brother's left side is paralyzed and he is unable to walk. I miss my in-laws and friends that I have lost due to my leaving. My actions appear so selfish but somehow I feel he needs me to pull him out of the darkness. Pray that he opens his heart to the love, forgiveness, and grace offered by our Father.

Please feel free to share your prayer requests with us and our readers here at Our Catholic Prayers using the form below! Rosa and Kathy1/12/18: Pray for me to be successful at my job. She leaves Saturday and I believe the power of prayer can help her to have special friends drawn to her so she does not feel so alone. Jodi1/12/18: Please grant me the 1 Million US Dollars that I desperately need now. Mark1/11/18: Dear God, please may we live in peace and without pain. So please guide him the glory to make him come back to us so our kids can be happy and we can help together to support our lives. I’m an Indian woman over 7 months pregnant, but still I have my normal period bleeding. Also, pray for me and my husband to be united in Christ always. Edwin1/10/18: Please pray for me and my family due to sickness. Noreen1/10/18: Hi, please pray and heal my Auntie Mohindor. Lynne1/10/18: Please continue to pray for my son to find employment. She could truly use all prayers to restore her health. One window has been smashed, there is rubbish lying around, and the entrance door has no working security, so anyone can come in and do what they want. I'd like to move but I've lived here for so long, I am very frightened of what's next. Kat1/7/18: Please pray that we may be able to complete the full payment for our house. From hips below he is completely paralyzed and he is unable to walk. I love another man who cannot love me due to his own struggle with depression. Tammy 1/3/18: Please pray for my son who is suffering from schizophrenia.

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