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Her Story Alexis was a party girl studying fashion, and George was a shy art student when they met in college.

"We were attracted to what the other had to offer," Alexis says.

Data shows the candidates are tied in New Hampshire, while her lead in Pennsylvania is down to just three percentage points.

The numbers in Michigan have been tightening, Mr Silver said, while New Mexico has become a “state to watch”.

George admitted to cheating on Alexis while she was pregnant with their third child.

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Alexis began to notice a change in her marriage once her husband opened an art gallery and started staying out late.

Faced with a decision, Michelle's mother asked her, "If you don't do this, are you prepared to live with the consequences? "Joe and I were in a hurtful holding pattern," she says.

"My mom's words jolted me into action." Resolution At the workshop, the first exercise was an exorcism.

As of Friday, more than 33 million voters have already cast their ballot in the election.

Also on Friday, two key court rulings aimed to fight voter suppression.

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