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Size 10 to 12 makes your resume much more readable. Job reviewers can open and read PDF files easily, and you avoid the risk someone will accidentally edit your resume.Your resume should start with your name and contact information, but even this has changed slightly over the years.In his down time he enjoys being outdoors, traveling, and blogging on everything from technology, to business, to marketing, and beyond.

Look for a font that looks clear, crisp and modern.

Which, of course, was a message implied by applying for the position in the first place.

Thankfully, the objective paragraph didn’t survive the transition to shorter, more concise resumes.

Don’t feel you have to shoehorn every last job in your resume.

Information from a decade ago can be left out, unless it really highlights your skills and qualifications. Not so long ago resume professionals recommended leading into your job experience and education with an objectives paragraph explaining your goals and how they applied to your job application.

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