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Indeed, for anyone interested in researching the history of a community, landmark, or special place a century or so ago, historic postcard collections may provide one of the best sources of pictorial evidence. "Private Mailing Cards 1898-1901," , Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City, accessed at Pilling, "Dating Early Photographs by Card Mounts and Other External Evidence: Tentative Suggestions," , Burlington, Vt., July 1, 1909, 4; accessed at gov. "Chronology of the Picture Postcard," Smithsonian Institution, accessed at edu/history/exhibits/postcard/7.Wall Street is a sucker for a good comeback story, and it got plenty of them in 2013.The most popular type of gelatin-print real photo postcard stock from the early twentieth century America bears the AZO trade name.AZO RPPC stock produced between 19 can be identified the four up-pointing triangles at corners of the "place stamp here" rectangle on the backs.This research project is based on a selection of early twentieth-century postcards showing various sites located in Burlington, Vermont.The source of these postcards is the University of Vermont Library Special Collections.Here, for example, are two versions of postcards made from the same original black-and-white negative that were colorized differently. In anticipation of supply restrictions, vendors and wholesalers placed large orders with foreign suppliers, which soon resulted in a glut of postcards and falling prices.During the First World War between 19, the importation of postcards from Germany and Austria came to a virtual halt.(7) As the supply of imported postcards eventually dwindled, American printers tried to serve the domestic market, but with less sophisticated methods of printing color-tinted photographs, the quality of these cards rarely matched that of the imports.

Already in full swing elsewhere in the world, the postcard craze swept across America during the first decade of the twentieth century.

But postcards were not only being used for routine correspondence, they also were being collected as souvenirs and offered as gifts.

In September 1907, the reported a Vermont woman was "remembered by her relatives with a souvenir postcard shower receiving over 100 cards on her 78th birthday." Another Vermonter received over 140 cards on his 82nd birthday in 1909.(5) Although some picture postcards were printed in the United States, many of the best-selling cards from this period were printed in Germany or elsewhere in continental Europe, where advanced color lithography techniques developed for reproducing fine art prints allowed high quality colorized images to be printed completely to the edges of the cards.

Companies like E-Trade Financial, Game Stop, Rite Aid and Yahoo have all seen their share prices soar 100 percent or more--sometimes much more--as investors bought into their turnaround tales.

Sometimes, though, down-and-out businesses stay that way, or manage to fall even further.

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