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With 2 chapters, 19 votes, subscribers, views, 50 comments, words. When going through the process of planning your campaign and deciding where to place your advertising investment there are some key questions all advertising buyers, marketers & sme's should ask media owners to ensure you are making the correct buying decision.

Media Scope can help media owners develop qualitative survey questions for their audience - see more information here - What is Your Geographic Reach?Remember it is not necessarily the size of the audience, also consider the quality and engagement of the audience each media platform can offer - this is often reflected through the quality of the editorial environment.See Media Scope's Guide to Online Audience Measurement Options - Qualitative Audience Information – what demographic information can you provide to represent 'who' my advertising will reach?You may consider creating a standard media briefing sheet or RFP (request for proposal) which you send to potential media partners where their replies can help form the basis of your buying decision.Media Scope has developed a standard RFP template - see more information here Here's 7 questions you should ask your advertising sales representative.....

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