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Therefore, for those experiencing Bluetooth issues that may come from this, we’ve added an option to disable Wi Fi Direct without having to re-build an image.

It only requires to set a persistent property and reboot the device: We also invite you to look at our security post about OTA to get more information.

You’ll first need to: ~/bin/repo ~/$ chmod a x ~/bin/repo ~/$ mkdir myandroid ~/$ cd myandroid ~/myandroid$ ~/bin/repo init -u git:// boundary-imx-l5.0.0_1.0.0-ga ~/myandroid$ repo sync , you should check out the notes in the AOSP documentation.Although this application has been added to a recent update of the Kit Kat release, here is a note about the open-source Cyanogenmod CMFile Manager which is now a default application to our builds.This is intended to help customers navigate through their storages (internal or external).The use case tested is to have a connection available from the Ethernet port which is then shared through the hotspot.After some more testing on this feature, it appeared that on the Ti Wi-BLE module, used on Nitrogen6x and Nitrogen6_max, enabling the Wi Fi Direct feature may cause the Bluetooth not to perform normally (disconnection, sound cutting off etc…).

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