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The relatively high AWOL rate among Afghan trainees, particularly since 2015, also has undermined the combat readiness and morale of Afghan military and police units, the report said.

The AWOL rate among Afghans is far higher than for other foreign national trainees.

At least 152 Afghans sent to the United States for military training during the course of the war against the Taliban have gone AWOL, and the problem, which worsened last year, is unlikely to improve soon, US inspectors said on Friday.

AWOL Afghans are considered a security risk in the US because they have military training and are of fighting age, and relatively few are ever arrested or detained, according to a report by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction.

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You can enter to site as guest or if you want to have a nickname you can register free.Most training is done in Afghanistan, but selected Afghans are brought to the US each year for training and education opportunities that cannot be offered in their home country, the report said.The AWOL problem is one of many that have dogged the US effort to make the Afghan military capable of defending itself.The report said the prevalence of this group to abandon training posts is “particularly alarming”, given the officers’ important role in maintaining the overall readiness of the Afghan military.The Afghans have fled from posts across America, including Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, where they are required to take English-language training; Fort Rucker, Alabama; Fort Benning, Georgia; Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and Fort Huachuca, Arizona.

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