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To paraphrase, “Like us on Facebook, then authorize our app (a game? You’ve got their info, and that’s what really matters, right?

Ten years from now, we may look back on all the hype about fostering “engagement” between banks and their customers as a quaint and naïve notion.

Maybe down the road, people will feel comfortable filling out loan applications on Facebook.

If so, financial institutions will be able to correlate nearly every relevant financial detail to people’s social media profiles — the key to unlocking social data’s real potential.

Marketing inferences could be drawn from the interconnected relationships shared among the users of social media communities.

For instance, if you lent money to ten people, all of whom are friends with one another (i.e., socially connected online), and they all paid you back on time, wouldn’t you feel better about granting a loan request from friend #11?

His satirical fear: being done by the run of the mill bank,” Torres says.

“It is just too much for them to handle.” “The majors — Bof A, US Bank, etc — have the resources, but it is not their core competency,” Torres adds.

from his native Scotland in 2000, and quickly struck gold with a string of A-list hotties.

“Which customers have influence to drive positive sentiment or create believable influence? For Movenbank, King has engineered what he calls the CRED ecosystem, “a behavioral, social, viral, gamified” platform.

The CRED system awards points, badges, rewards and incentives for behaviors like accomplishing a savings goal or referring friends to Movenbank.

Movenbank will then use customers’ CRED scores to influence marketing, service and underwriting decisions.

JJ Hornblass, publisher of Bank Innovation.net, describes CRED as “a super credit score.” “What we were really trying to do was change the way our bank communicates with customers about their relationship, and the way we assess their value to us as an institution,” King says.

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